PDC Design Group was established in January 2016 as a result of the merger of Kuching based architectural and design firms. The firms have a history of close collaborations with each other and share the same vision and similar professional, ethical and cultural values towards the practice of Architecture. At PDC Design Group, we believe in ‘ARCHITECTURE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE‘, and we aim to provide design solutions that enhance the living experience of the built environment. This comes from our concerns in the rootedness of architecture in the living and cultural context.

With our vision, we are committed to:


The continual development of the local architectural profession, and in the dialogues with the local authorities and building industry partners.

DESIGN Development

Involve in education and the training of the next generation architects by actively participating in the architectural workshops and esquisses held in the local institutions.

COMMUNITY Development

Actively involved in community care social projects.

Further as a contributor towards the built environment, we feel strongly about the responsibility of Architecture being environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable.