Aquatic Center Sarawak

Aquatic Center Sarawak

Scope of Works:
Master planning, schematic design to completion


In addition to the design of the aquatic centre, we started off with looking at the existing Sarawak Sports Complex. After our study, we proposed the addition of Central Public Plaza to act as the focal point of the complex; which was lacking in the existing original layout.

The Central Public Plaza has multiple functions:

1) As a focal point for the arrival, assembly and orientation of guests to the sports centre.

2) As the forecourt for the 3 main arena: Stadium Negeri, Stadium Sarawak and the New Aquatic Centre.

3) As a venue for multi-purpose celebrations / functions / gatherings; enabling the complex to cater for non-sporting facilites.

The sustainability of the Centre was an important consideration of our design – we convinced the client to include the children’s leisure pool, a gym and function room to broaden the Centre’s use by the general public, which will in turn generate income for its operations and maintenance.

The Aquatic Centre consists of 3 competition pools with specifications which comply with latest FINA Standards relating to international competition:

  1. a) Competition Pool 50mLx25mWx3mD
  2. b) Diving Pool 25x25mx5mD
  3. c) Training/Warm Up Pool 50mLx21mWx1.35-1.8mD

The grandstand is able to seat 2070 spectators.

The children leisure pool area is less formal; more playful and colourful, with a water slide and bubble pool, umbrella falls and water curtains – all laid out in a 1,000 sq. m. footprint shaded by a tensile membrane roof.

The main design concepts are passive solar design with cross ventilation to minimize mechanical means of cooling, with a nautical aesthetic. Circular design elements were used throughout the building: on the plans, sections, walls and ceilings. Accessibility is an important design consideration, with the main entrance ramp as design feature of the main façade.

What was fun during the construction was that even the tradesmen were also empowered and involved in the design and layout of the circular elements on ceiling and walls, which gave them the ownership of the building. The extensive M&E services necessary for the facilities have been carefully and efficiently planned to achieve a pleasant environment.