Hospital of Tomorrow

Years ago, we were invited to participate in a Design Competition for a private hospital in Kuching. We did not win the competition.


From our perspective, the speciality of the Hospital of Tomorrow will be a combination of features for well-being of not only the patient and their relatives, but the doctors, nurses and all the staff of the hospital as well. The field of healthcare designs is currently undergoing an exciting transformation that will significantly change the appearance of our hospitals. More and more healthcare administrators and medical professionals are becoming aware of the need to create a healing environment that supports the needs of patients, family and staff. The key factor motivating this awareness has been growing scientific evidence supporting the view that physical environment in which medical care is provided has an impact on health and well-being.

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The Hospital of Tomorrow is to be a green hospital.┬áThe architecture of the hospital is the shell for all the process, the room for recovery for patients and the daily workplace for doctors and staff. One might compare a hospital with a city – having all the functions from the residential area next to the park, over the workplace for hundreds of employees up to the disposal area and energy central. Cities are always changing, they have to adapt to new technologies and new requirements, which means the hospital have to be able to change as well.

The hospital has to create a comfortable space for nursing and treatment, thus contributing to a patient’s positive mental attitude, in an atmosphere of a healing environment, for spaces designed and affect both the physiological and psychological well-being of the patient.

The Hospital of Tomorrow will pay respect to all these issues and also define a new quality in hospital design by combining all features of hospital design, environmental protection, energy saving and healing environment design, included in a high economic hospital following clinical patient path ways and defined workflow procedures, for the benefit of quality control, for patients and staff.

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