Borneo International School

Breaking the Boundaries

Schools are not just places for education; they are the nurturing and inspiring grounds for developing young minds. The way a school is designed is crucial in shaping the learning journey. In this project, we aimed to beak the boundaries and search for improved outcomes within the cost and time constraint.

Moreover, one of the design goal is to emphasizes the integration of focused learning and the external environment, with the creation of intermediate spaces to bridge these 2 polarities. Spaces in between the polarities allow the development of more intermediate collaborative leaning spaces, places of quiet observation and contemplations. This allows for varying degrees of participation, experimentation and creative interaction that encourage learning and teaching both in a formal and informal environment.

Overall, an architecture that aims to inspire curiosity, learning and teaching, with design elements that respond to the local culture, climate and physical context.

Location : Saradise, Kuching