Play, Discover, Connect @ Learning Street

Learning is to enter into a relationship. A relationship with a particular subject which leads to the uncovering of what is there.

To teach is to bring the learner into this relationship.

Learning is like taking a trip into the unknown. It could take place anywhere, at any moment. It is sometimes a group expedition, other times a lone walk off the path; noisy with exchanges and contemplative silence at others; a chance encounter, a quiet corner, over a cup of coffee, collaborative actions, … wherever the path may take, or not. It all depends on who is there and when - we intended to translate this ‘experience of learning’ into ‘space of learning’ in this project.

The physical brief from the university was to simply connect the main entrance (adjacent to Student Recruitment Centre, main lobby, entrance to seminar rooms and student lounge) to the Lecture Theatre and future Atrium and to furnish this link with spaces for waiting, tutorial and discussion. Our response was to do so and also enhance the experience of moving through the space, and induce the participants to linger by using distorted objects and surfaces, juxtaposition of colours and lines, solid and void, ordered and the peculiar, movement and sound, outward and inward looking - all loosely strung along the journey. Students and staff linger at first out of curiosity, later with intent; to contemplate and learn from the other ‘lingerers’ perched in the series of landmarks, waiting spots and discussion corners; all oriented with glimpses of the green courtyard.

Location : Swinburne University Sarawak Campus