A Unique Take on Terrace Housing

In the context of mass housing design, blending in with the existing surroundings can be seen as a safer approach. The concept behind this innovative housing project is to break away from the traditional norms of mass housing design and create a distinctive environment that offers residents a fresh and modern perspective. This departure from convention is achieved through several key design elements and features.

The design intentionally contrasts with the existing surroundings to create a unique aesthetic that stands out visually by embracing individuality and modernity. The choice of a recessed wall design and a front patch of greenery not only adds visual appeal but also serves as a statement of uniqueness. The contrast creates a striking visual impact that immediately distinguishes the residences from their surroundings, offering residents a sense of identity and pride in their living spaces.

This project also won the SHEDA Excellence Award for landed housing category. We take pride in our contribution to this remarkable project!

Location : Muara Tuang, Kuching