The Water Hole

Sept 2004

The Water Hole is home to a family of three, which occasionally plays host to gatherings of close friends.

The site is narrow and deep, with the frontage facing north-west. The programme is structured as a series of linearly articulated forms hanging off the anchor wall shielding the western sun, running. The house is essentially of an open plan, engaging the boundaries as its “external walls”, with the various forms juxtaposed within to create functional spaces, to provide privacy and openess into the courtyard.

The guest pavillion at the front consists of the entrance and the formal living room that opens out onto an outdoor deck for receiving guests. The kitchen and the dining area formed the centre of the home that offers the uninterupted spatial experience of shelter and nature, heightened by the serenity of falling water and the songs of the wind chimes.

The private family quarter, is shielded from the front by a solid wall punctued for sneak peeks into and out of the spaces on the other side.

The guest pavillion and the family quarter are linked by a gallery that narrows into the later, visually distancing the private domain from the public.

Location : Kuching, Sarawak